There Is Actually a Science To Getting a Drink At a Crowded Bar

Leah Bourne

crowded bar There Is Actually a Science To Getting a Drink At a Crowded BarWe’ve all been there—standing in line at a crowded bar waiting to be noticed by the bartender so we can order a drink. All along, it turns out, we may have been going about it all wrong.
According to new research published in the journal of Frontiers in Psychology, there is science involved in how to get a drink at a crowded bar. The study analyzed 105 attempts to order drinks at nightclubs in Bielefeld and Herford in Germany and Edinburgh in Scotland, and assessed behavior 35 seconds before people were served.
They found the most successful tactic, which occurred in 95 percent of orders, was standing squarely towards the bar with the head facing forward.
Looking directly at the bartender was successful 86 percent of the time. Leaning on the bar happened infrequently, but was nevertheless not a successful tactic. Just one per cent of customers who were served had been looking at a menu. Looking at money saw just seven per cent of customers being served within the 35 second time frame.
Wondering why on earth scientists are studying who gets served at a bar first, and why? The findings are being used to produce a robot, called James, that will be able to act as a bartender and ask customers if they would like a drink. Yes, The Jetsons age is officially upon us.
Share your thoughts in the comments below! What tactics do you use to get served first at a bar?