35 Gorgeous Scandinavian Rooms That Prove Less Is More

Beth Stebner
35 Gorgeous Scandinavian Rooms That Prove Less Is More
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Much like the French fashion we all seem to obsess over, home decorating trends also seem to veer toward having the perfect Parisian-inspired apartment, complete with bistro chairs and a requisite Le Chat Noir poster hanging up in your kitchen.

But in terms of your home, one size doesn’t fit all. Scandinavian countries (that’s Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark for those of you who were zoning out in geography class) are known for their edited, minimal aesthetic, not only in the realm of fashion, but in their homes. And we’re talking way beyond IKEA here.

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A theory goes that the Scandinavian look came out of having to spend so much of the year cooped up indoors. If it’s so cold outside all winter, what else do you have to look at besides your couch and kitchen, anyways?

But, if Pinterest is any indicator, this northern minimalism is going to have a big, big moment in 2016. And from stark white walls to light woods and cozy accents, we think the look is totally lagom, the Swedish word that means “just enough.” Check out these 35 rooms for your own inspiration.