The 10 Most Scandalous Models: Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, More

Spencer Cain

The fashion industry is without a doubt insanely glamorous. Of course, a lot of work goes into the business—it’s not all champagne and couture, though there’s certainly plenty of that. And with the excess and overall chicness associated with fashion, there’s bound to be scandal, and some of the industry’s most scandalous figures are undoubtedly models.

These days, models have morphed into full-fledged celebrities. We don’t only care about what they look like when they strut down the catwalk. We care about their personal lives, who they’re dating, and what they’re doing when they’re not in the spotlight. Along the way, models have made headlines for questionable behavior, from Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne dealing with cocaine scandals to Heidi Klum‘s newfound love of topless Instagram photos.

So, in honor of the salacious stunners who inspire us to dress better but also seriously leave us shocked sometimes, we’ve composed a list of the 10 most scandalous models.

Click through the slideshow above and let us know—which model shocked you the most?

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