‘Scandal’ Season 4 Preview Is Here, But Where’s Olivia Pope?

Leah Bourne

Just a warning: A few spoilers are ahead, so if you’re not caught up on season 3, we suggest you stop reading now. 

For all you “Scandal” buffs out there—aka Gladiators—in need of a Season 3 finale refresher here you go: Olivia’s dad killed Fitz’s son with a stolen strain of Meningitis (though at first it seemed like Olivia’s mom had done it), Fitz won re-election, and Olivia takes off with Jake on a private plane bound for who knows where.

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Which brings us to Season 4, which is set to debut September 25 on ABC. The preview for the upcoming season has arrived, and the big question is: Where is Olivia Pope? Judging by the teaser, she’s somewhere on a beach, feet up, with a glass of red wine, her go-to. Honestly, girl needs a break so we don’t blame her one bit, but we’re obviously eager to see where the storyline is headed this season. Something tells us everyone’s favorite crisis manager won’t be lounging around the beach for long.

Watch the preview below, and let us know is you are looking forward to the premiere!

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