How to Dress Up as the ‘Saved By The Bell’ Gang for Halloween

Emily Kanoff

Halloween is just around the corner, and in what has become a tradition in recent years, TV news programs have all gotten in on the fun. Last year, Matt Lauer went as a buxom “Baywatch” babe on the “Today Show,” Laura Spencer pulled a Miley Cyrus on “Good Morning America,” and Jimmy Kimmel enlisted Mindy Kaling for his Disney-themed show.

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This year, the “Live From E!” team got in on the fun and pulled off a major pop culture fete—by dressing as the cast of “Saved By the Bell.” And sure, you might think that the ’90s duds would be easy to come by, but these looks didn’t get pulled together willy-nilly. They don’t just sell high-wasted, baggy floral jeans and scrunchy-headbands at the mall, girl!

Photo: Maria Menounos Instagram

Photo: Maria Menounos Instagram

But they certainly managed to pull it off. Catt Sadler rocked a curly wig that is perhaps the best we’ve seen for smarty-pants “Jessie Spano” (and ditto for Ross Mathews’ as nerdo “Screech”), while Maria Menounos was the perfect “Kelly Kapowski” in a crop top and suspenders. Jason Kennedy rounded out the kids with acid-washed jeans, a blonde wig, and humongous cell phone, which captured “Zack Morris” to a T.

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But don’t be fooled by what you can’t see—even their shoes were on point! Keds, Reebok’s, Chucks galore.

Photo: Ross Mathew's Intagram

Photo: Ross Mathew’s Intagram

And while “A.C. Slater” and “Lisa Turtle” were curiously missing from the bunch, Dennis Haskins (A.K.A. Mr. Belding) was not going to miss this party:

Photo: Ross Mathews Instagram

Photo: Ross Mathews Instagram

Do you think the “E! News” cast pulled off these looks? Are you wondering where Slater and Lisa are too? Seriously, have you ever seen a better Kelly Kapowski? Share in the comments!