Watch the Ladies of ‘SNL’ Prove Writing a #FeministSong Is Really, Really Hard

In the middle of an episode that couldn’t stop itself from (rightly) focusing on the ridiculousness that is the 2016 presidential election, the ladies of “Saturday Night Live” got together to write a feminist anthem. Kind of.

Led by host and musical guest Ariana Grande, the digital short started out portraying what a typical “feminist” video might look like (bids-eye shots of diverse women on the beach, for example) before declaring itself not a feminist song because, well, feminism is hard to define.

The catchy chorus—”This is not a feminist song / We tried real hard but it took too long”—effectively ripped on pop culture’s current obsession with all things feminist, and how artists might not always be the most informed vehicle for creating a legitimate #FeministSong.

Watch the sketch above!