SATC Set: Sarah J’s Transformation


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We say this picture is worth one: yikes.

Above, see Sarah Jessica Parker hop into a black car as she leaves her home in Downtown NYC to head to the set of Sex and the City.

What would Carrie Bradshaw say about this look? “As I sat with my macbook, drinking coffee in my undies, I couldn’t help but wonder…what the hell was she thinking when she left home this morning.”

Dirty white tank dress, check. Frizzy topknot, check. Messenger purse cutting off the circulation of your breasts, check. Construction boot-inspired peep-toes (which we may or may actually sort of love), check. Like we said, yikes.

Just an hour later, Parker gets into character and the transformation is bananas; yes bananas.


Electric purple layered minidress, check. Soft curls, check. Bright pink hobo, check. Louboutin heels, check…phew, heart palpitation over.

We’re still waiting on some Charlotte sightings, but until then…Kim Catrall premiered on the set today, welcome Samantha Jones. Someone looks happy to be in character…if you know what I’m saying. Nipples.


Check back for updates soon. We love Sex and the City filming season as much as you do.