So Funny: New SNL Castmate Sasheer Zamata Spoofs ‘Girls’ in New Video

Julie Gerstein

Ever wonder what it’d really be like to walk the streets where the extremely privileged girls of “Girls” get drunk, make out with strangers and have copious mid-20s freak outs? If so, you should check out this hilarious clip from Sasheer Zamata. “Saturday Night Live”‘s newest castmate plays Madison, an Oberlin graduate who majored in “Denim Theory,” and now spends her days retracing the steps of Marnie, Hannah, Jessa, and Shoshanna all over Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Of course there’s not really a huge market for such a tour (which is why she’s only got one paying customer), and Madison does seem slightly unhinged, but she’s living the “Girls” dream.

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Unbelievably, the idea of a “Girls”-themed tour is actually a real thing. In 2013, a Guardian writer embarked on a tour of the spots made famous by the show—visiting Cafe Grumpy (where Hannah and Ray work), the block that Hannah’s apartment is on, and various other locales visited by the characters. And show-themed tours are nothing new: Fans of “Gossip Girl” flocked to an Upper East Side-centric tour of the show’s favorite spots, including Henri Bendel’s, the Empire Hotel, and the Vera Wang boutique where Blair tried on her wedding gown. And then there’s the mother of all show-themed tours, “Sex and the City.” Despite the fact that the show’s been off the air for more than ten years, the tour is still alive and well.

In any case, Zamata is her characteristic funny self in this clip, so give it a watch!