The Sartorialist Book Signing at Barneys, NYC


In celebration of Scott Schuman‘s New York City book signing and pop-up shop, the third floor of Barneys was transformed into a retail-immersed cocktail party. Champagne was flowing, hors d’oeuvres were passed around, and hip-hop music played. All the fashion week regulars were there–many of whom Scott has photographed. The men sported tailored suits, blazers with shorts, and perfectly rolled jeans. Most of the women wore neck-to-ankle black, letting their fabulous shoes do the talking.


Scott sat with his girlfriend Garance Doré, a well-known photographer and illustrator. Scott was as impeccably dressed and debonair as we imagined, and Garance exuded an understand elegance. (She’s French. It comes naturally.) The line to meet them looped the entire room while fans shifted impatiently in their loafers and heels.


It was finally our turn to meet the king and queen of street-style photo-blogging. I’d been practicing my nonchalant smile, saying “hello” with an indoor voice and feigning celebrity ignorance (And what is it exactly that you do for a living? Oh you take pictures, how nice). My attempt to act blasé ended up being a total fail, but the two were warm and kind. Scott signed his name then added, “StyleCaster rules,” and Garance wrote “Je t’aime moi aussi,” after I told her we loved her.


The book is beautiful, the event was a success, and we all left with outfit inspirations to last through fall.