Sardinian Food and Eating Could Hold the Secret to a Longer Life


Blue Zones is a lifestyle that will help you feel better, look younger, and avoid many threatening diseases. Blue Zones are places around the world that have longer life expectancies than average and based off of traditions from these cultures, you can now share these fountain-of-youth qualities no matter where you live.

This lifestyle is largly based off of the Sardinian diet. Sardinia has proportionally twenty times as many 100-year-olds as the United States. Their secrets? Drinking red wine rich in antioxidants, eating twenty percent less at meals, avoiding meat and processed foods, and having an appreciation for old age. The Blue Zone stresses to stop eating when your stomach is 80 percent full, which could help the average person live about six years longer. Having a diet high in vegetables and fruits, supplementing cheese and nuts for your main source of protein, and talking daily walks is the way to go, according to Dan Buettner, a National Geographic magazine writer and Emmy award-winning documentarian, who explains tips to living longer and healthier here.