Sarah Hyland Opens up About Losing Her Hair, Asks Fans for Advice

Sarah Hyland
Photo: Getty Images

For years, Sarah Hyland has been open about her life-long battle with kidney dysplasia, a chronic illness that affects her weight, strength, and energy. But one thing that the 27-year-old actress hasn’t talked about is her hair and how, after years of taking medication for the condition, her hair is significantly thinning and falling out.

On Friday, the “Modern Family” star took to her Instagram story to ask her 5.6 million followers for recommendations on what products she can use to thicken and grow back her hair, The Mighty first reported. Hyland explained that many popular hair-growth supplements, such as Viviscal and Nutrafol, interact with her kidney dysplasia medication, which is why she’s unable to take them.

“Help, help, help. What hair care products are out there for thinning hair, this 27-year-old would like to know. I know it seems like I don’t but I do,” Hyland said. “Some of my medications have been making my hair fall out. Some supplements like Viviscal and Nutrafol I’ve talked to my pharmacist and I’m not allowed to take them because they interact with those medications.”

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Hyland then asked followers who take similar immune-suppressing medication what products they use for their thinning hair. “So for those on prednisone and Prograf and Myfortic and any immune-suppressing medications, have you found anything other than just biotin that works?” Hyland said, adding “Help! I am over researching myself.”

After reading hundreds of suggestions, Hyland reaches the conclusion to use castor oil, which her followers recommended leaving in like a mask and washing out. Other suggestions include taking antioxidants and using shampoos from hair-healing brands such as Caviar, Hask, and Monat.

Though Hyland admitted that she was going to try several solutions, the one she was dead-set on was a DIY hair mask made of coconut oil, avocado, castor oil, and vitamin E. “But I think I’m gonna try more of the like, castor and coconut oil and avocado mix, maybe I’ll put some vitamin E in there. I don’t know,” she said. “Thanks for the help guys.”

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The actress makes an important point that you should always check with your doctor before you take supplements with your medication. But along from shining a light on a problem that many people with chronic illness have, Hyland’s openness about her hair loss helped to destigmatize an issue that many women face.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, more than 40 percent of women experience hair loss by the time they turn 40. The word is still out on whether Hyland has found a solution for her thinning hair, but at least many of her followers who are also experiencing hair loss know that they’re not alone.