Sarah Hyland Goes Off on Haters Who Called Her a ‘Privileged Millennial’ Over CVS Rant

Sarah Hyland Goes Off on Haters Who Called Her a ‘Privileged Millennial’ Over CVS Rant
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Sarah Hyland isn’t happy about the internet’s reaction to her recent rant about being unable to receive a life-saving prescription from CVS.

On Wednesday, the 27-year-old actress went off on haters who called her an “privileged millennial” and “irresponsible” for not planning ahead and waiting until her situation was dire to seek out an urgent medication. Earlier in the week, Hyland called out CVS for not properly displaying its closing time online, resulting in her not being able to receive a prescription for a life-threatening kidney infection.

In a series of videos posted on Twitter, the “Modern Family” star explained that the medication wasn’t part of a regular prescription for her kidney dysplasia, a condition that resulted in Hyland receiving a kidney transplant in 2012. Instead, the medication she needed was an antibiotic to fight an infection that, if not treated soon, would result in her body rejecting her transplanted kidney at the end of the week.

Because the antibiotics were a part of a one-off prescription (and not a part of Hyland’s regular delivery list, which she scheduled to arrive in advance, in case of emergencies), the actress felt impassioned to hit back at haters who wrongly labeled her as “irresponsible.”

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“I would really, really appreciate it if you would all stop telling me to be an irresponsible, privileged millennial. Because that is everything that I’m not. So fuck you,” Hyland, who also gave the middle finger, said in a video.

In another video, Hyland also argued that she’s the “type of person” to take “extra medications” with her on trips, so the characterization that she’s “irresponsible” is incorrect. “I’m not a person to be that dumb and that irresponsible when my life depends on prescription drugs,” Hyland said. “So for all of you keep saying that, I would kindly like to tell you to go fuck off.”

Hyland also gave an update to her situation and revealed that CVS got in contact with her (something she admitted was “probably a privilege” because she’s “verified on Twitter”) to ensure that she receives her prescription. To help her followers who also experienced trouble receiving CVS prescriptions, Hyland also claimed that she read off her followers’ tweets to the employee and demanded he report the complaints to corporate.

“I didn’t take this opportunity to try and get some benefit for myself. I tried to take this opportunity and make CVS a better place for their patients,” Hyland said.

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Good on Hyland for speaking out on the behalf of her followers and not being afraid to tackle a big corporation like CVS. Also, like she said, the haters can “fuck off.”