Sarah Hyland Is Unrecognizable with New Red Highlights

Sarah Hyland Is Unrecognizable with New Red Highlights
Photo: Getty Images

Given the 90-plus degree weather this summer, you’d think our favorite hair-obsessed celebs would opt for cooler colors to combat the beating sun. And while that may be true for some (i.e. Kaley Cuoco‘s icy silver locks), some celebs are playing into the heat with fiery red dye jobs. First was Ariel Winter and now it’s Winter’s “Modern Family” co-star, Sarah Hyland.

The 26-year-old shocked fans yesterday when she appeared to have ditched her blonde-highlighted bob for long ginger-red highlights. We first caught a glimpse of Hyland’s new hair in an Instagram selfie yesterday where she sported dark brown locks mixed with blondish red highlights and baby braids.

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But there’s a catch. If it wasn’t for the fantasy-like makeup on her face, we might’ve believed Hyland was actually becoming a full-time redhead. However, her caption revealed that her Sansa Stark-reminiscent look is actually for her new role as Seelie Queen in the Freeform’s “Shadowhunters,” in which she’ll star opposite her IRL boyfriend, Dominic Sherwood.

Hyland—who will appear in a two-episode arc on August 7 and 14—showed off her look again in a new clip from her appearance in which she sported a bright red wig and, elf-like ears, and a semi-impressive English accent.

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While Hyland might only be a redhead until her extensions are taken out, we low-key don’t mind the color on her. Maybe Winter can hook her up with her colorist to make this thing permanent. (Please?)