Sarah Hyland Claps Back After Being Accused of Wearing Glasses to Look ‘Quirky’

Sarah Hyland
Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for JumpLine.

Is glasses-shaming real? Apparently, according to a Twitter user who criticized the size of Sarah Hyland’s glasses and accused her of wearing them only to look “quirky.”

The tweet happened on Sunday when the user retweeted a picture of Hyland and her boyfriend, Bachelorette alum Wells Adam, at an event. The picture featured the Modern Family star with clear glasses with oversized, square-shaped lenses, which she wore with a black dress and a bold red lip. “Ok, I love her, and I get she’s trying to be, I dunno, quirky maybe, with those glasses, but…like, why? Why are they sooo big? That’s not rhetorical. I’d like an answer,” the user tweeted.

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Not having it, Hyland clapped back at the user by using her own words against her. In a tweet almost identical to the user’s, Hyland explained that her glasses aren’t for fashion or to make her look “quirky” but to allow her to see—like glasses are supposed to be for. She also called the user “judgemental” for her not-so-constructive criticism.

Soon after, Hyland ranted about the recent trend of people wearing fake glasses for fashion, which she found offensive as someone who was bullied for her glasses in school. “Something I’ve thought for years but also something I’ve been noticing more recently. WHY DO PEOPLE WEAR FAKE GLASSES??? ‘Fashion glasses,'” Hyland tweeted. “Like. We didn’t get bullied all throughout school for wearing glasses for you to NOW think they’re cool. If your vision’s good. IT’S GOOD.”

Hyland followed her rant with a second tweet, explaining that if she’s judged for her real glasses, she’s judging for their fake ones. Hyland’s tweet led to backlash from fashion-glasses fans, but the ABC star was unbothered and responded with a pitch-perfect IDGAF GIF.

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Sarah standing up for the glasses-wearing masses. We can’t help but stan.