Sarah Hyland Calls Out Fan Who Accused Her of Not Embracing Her Body

Sarah Hyland
Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for JumpLine.

Sarah Hyland’s body is her own, and she will do with it what she wants. The 27-year-old actress reminded the world of that on Thursday when she called out a fan who accused her of “picking” her “body apart” and not embracing her skinny physique.

The clap back occurred after the fan tweeted screenshots from Hyland’s Instagram story, claiming that she was setting a negative example to young women who follow her by wanting to be more muscular. The screenshots were of two videos of Hyland working out on Wednesday. The first video featured Hyland doing a triceps exercise at a gym with the caption, “30 lbs and still nothin..Hello? Tricep? Are you there? No? Ok cool.” The second video featured a similar workout and caption of Hyland exercising her glutes. “Hello? Hi. Is Sarah’s ass there? No? Call back in a year?? Uh. Ok,” she wrote.

Interpreting the captions as Hyland tearing her body down, the fan called out the Modern Family star for not being body-positive. “Listen I’m just gonna call you out, sis. With love. @Sarah_Hyland Your insta story was all about picking your body apart. Idk if you have young girls who follow you but you’re gorgeous and talented and strong. I get we all get down on ourselves. But you’re healthy!” the fan tweeted.

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However, the fan’s assumptions couldn’t be farther from the truth. In a response, Hyland—who underwent a kidney transplant in 2012 after she was diagnosed with kidney dysplasia as a child—explained that she stopped working out two years ago because of health struggles, resulting in the loss of her muscle. Hyland first opened up about her health struggles and changing body in May 2017 after fans accused her of suffering from anorexia.

Now that her health struggles are more under control and her doctors have cleared her to work out, Hyland is rebuilding her body, which she explained to the fan. “And listen, I’m gonna call you out too sis. With love. After losing all of my muscle over the past two years due to health struggles, I’ve finally gotten clearance to work out again. Not picking my body a part. I’m picking it back up and putting it together the healthy way. 😘” Hyland tweeted.

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Just because Hyland wants to become stronger doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love the body that she’s in now. Working out isn’t always about losing or gaining weight. Body-positivity is more than that. Besides, it’s Hyland’s body and she can do with it what she wants. Props to her for reminding us of what.