What It Takes to Eat and Work Out Like Pro Track Star Sara Hall

We’ve already seen what models such as Elle Macpherson and Taylor Hill eat and how they work out, and celebrities such as Khloé Kardashian and Kate Hudson gave us some insight into their fitness habits last year—but there’s nothing quite like listening to a professional athlete share their routines.

Next up: track star Sara Hall, the 2012 U.S. National Cross Country Champion who took home gold at the Pan American Games in the steeplechase. She also represented the U.S. at three World Indoor Track and Field Championships and a World Cross Country Championship. And though her idea of exercise might be a 20-mile run, she still has some health and fitness tips that even you, mere mortal, can learn from.

sara hall running2 What It Takes to Eat and Work Out Like Pro Track Star Sara Hall

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For breakfast I had: 
Large dark chocolate Muscle Milk molten lava pancake, one tablespoon of Kerrygold butter, and decaf coffee with half and half.

For lunch I had: 
Thickly sliced whole-wheat toast with almond butter, honey, and cinnamon. Egg scramble with two whole eggs and five egg whites and spinach, salsa, and ketchup. I also had tea.

For dinner I had:
Trident wild Alaskan salmon burger on a pretzel bun, spinach salad with cranberry dressing, and baked sweet potato fries.

Today I snacked on: 
Vosges Dark Chocolate, Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Popcorn, oatmeal with chia seeds and cardamom.

My go-to healthy drink is:
Cytomax during my runs, Muscle Milk Mobilized Amino after workouts, Synergy Kombucha in the afternoon.

The one thing I would never eat is:
Trans fats.

My all-time favorite workout is: 
A 24-mile run that progresses in pace.

My guilty pleasure food is:
Pad thai.

The next big health and fitness trend will be:
Trail/adventure racing.

My favorite healthy restaurants are:

My favorite healthy snack is:
Jem nut butters spooned out of the jar!

Some of the fitness blogs I read include:
The Whole Food Diary.

On Instagram I’m obsessed with:

The three ingredients you’ll always find in my kitchen are: 
Teff flour, nut butter, and Chocolate Muscle Milk.

My biggest health tip for travelers is to:
Pack protein. It’s easy to find carbohydrate sources on the go, but airports rarely have quality protein like Muscle Milk, usually just cheap, hormone-laden meat.

sara hall athlete

Hall competing at the 2015 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships. (Getty Images)

My signature healthy dish is:
Moo shu chicken wraps with hoisin sauce.

The health app I couldn’t live without is:
Think Dirty.

The top three songs on my workout playlist right now are:
“Let It Echo” by Jesus Culture, “Wide Awake” by Katy Perry, and “Lose Yourself to Dance” by Daft Punk.

The best part of my job is:
The challenge of it. I’m never bored—there are always new levels to reach for and new races to conquer.

I start an average day by:
Getting my four kids recently adopted from Ethiopia ready for school—making pancakes, doing hair, helping pick out clothes.

My favorite activewear brand is:
ASICS, especially the Thermopolis line.

My top health tip is:
I try to keep from catching the flu and colds that are going around by hydrating as much as possible, taking Citrisafe glutathione and resveratrol to minimize inflammation, and keeping my diet as anti-inflammatory as possible.