Santino Rice Blasts ‘Project Runway All Stars’

Summer K

OK, we weren’t going to say anything, but we did find it odd that one of our absolute FAVE Project Runway alums wasn’t included in the brand’s latest reality TV offshoot. And apparently said fave (i.e. the one and only Santino Rice) feels the same way — at least that’s what we got from his withering Twitter blasts he sent out late yesterday.

In a lengthy diatribe that spans 14 tweets, Rice asserts that there’s something shady going on with the new Project Runway All Stars, specifically the fact that he wasn’t included in the cast that stars fellow fan favorites like Austin Scarlett, Mondo Guerra and Kara Janx.

“Top 3 reasons why I’m not on Project Runway All Stars: #1. Lifetime canceling my show. #2. I suspect it was FIXED. #3. RuPaul’s Drag Race S4.”

Now, we’re not going to go so far as to suggest that Rice is correct in his assumptions (though we’re still puzzling how Mondo lost when the ENTIRE WORLD assumed he wouldn’t), but it does seem somewhat embarrassing to ask someone you didn’t feel could carry a show to come back and help launch a new one.

Needless to say, we’ll be tuning in this Thursday at 9PM EST to catch all the action. Here’s to hoping Rice is just dining on some sour grapes and not unleashing a torrent of catty controversy if his accusations prove correct.

Image courtesy ofADMEDIA/SIPA.