Sandal Trends 2022: Strap In For The 5 Hottest Styles Of The Summer

Sandal Trends 2022: Strap In For The 5 Hottest Styles Of The Summer
Photo: Courtesy of Ecco, Jeffrey Campbell, BP, Adobe. Design: Sasha Purdry/STYLECASTER.

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It’s time to schedule a recurring pedicure because the top summer sandal trends for 2022 have finally been determined. My top choice of summer footwear situation is being barefoot on the beach, but for all other scenarios, these sandal styles come in a very close second.

Shoes usually get broken up into three categories: sneakers, boots and sandals. The first two, sneakers and boots, always look great but they usually follow the same general structural design. Sandals, however, come in so many options that it’s hard to believe each pair still fits in the sandal category. This summer, it seems like there are more sandal choices than ever but the biggest trends seem to fall within two groups: the Y2K-inspired and sporty silhouettes. These groups have been trending all year in apparel so it makes perfect sense that they’ve translated to sandal season as well.

Within Y2K-inspired sandals, there are a few standout styles—tall platforms, strappy silhouettes and even wedges (yes, wedges) have made a comeback. While you don’t have to be ready for a revival of all three styles, you’ll end up falling in love with at least one.

On the other end of sandal trends is the emergence of sports sandals worn for the sake of fashion. This is the perfect sandal style to wear with grungier summer clothing like cargo pants (or a skirt!) and baggy jeans. Of course, they’ll also look and feel great on a hiking trail. You’ve got a lot of ground to cover this summer so now’s the time to get a jumpstart on the biggest summer sandal trends for 2022.

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The Fearless Flip Flop

For the last few years, flip flops have been considered a beach-only shoe but this season they have slipped into mainstream fashion. Flip Flops are now the understatedly cool summer shoewear choice. You can pair them with wide-leg pants—cargo, linen or baggy jeans work—or use a pair to juxtapose a fancier dress. Like most trends, there’s a minimalist and a maximalist way to approach it. A simple black pair of leather flip flops fits the minimalist bill but if you’re looking for something a little bit more fun, opt for a thicker strap with a bright color or pattern.

STYLECASTER | Sandal Trends 2022

Courtesy of Fit Flop.

Iqushion x Yinka Ilori Flip Flops

This colorful pair of flip flops are perfect for the maximalist type. They come in four different color combinations as part of a collaboration with designer Yinka Ilori. Ilori is known for his bright design that evokes joy and optimism—it’ll certainly be hard to be in a bad mood with such happy toes. Pair them with bright nail polish to complete the look.

STYLECASTER | Sandal Trends 2022

Courtesy of Havaianas.

Slim Flip Flop

When discussing flip flop trends, it’s impossible not to bring up classic Havaianas. This classic and comfortable pair comes in nine different colors (though I’m partial to the pink ones).

The Sporty Straps

I’ll be completely honest with you, I thought that sports sandals were hideous for years. However, my opinion has flipped recently done a 180 and I’m now obsessed with the look. I’m going to blame my newfound love for sports sandals on two things. The first, is the rise of cargo pants (I keep saying they’re the pants of the summer) and the second, is the influx of cute sporty options in stores.

Nike Icon Classic Sandals

Courtesy of Nike.

Nike Icon Classic Sandals

The more straps, the better. This is evidenced by these classic Nike platform sandals that are equal parts sporty and spicy. The subtle pink color will add just enough color to whatever ensemble you’re wearing, without clashing with your clothing. These are the kind of sandals you’ll be wearing from brunch to the grocery store without any issue.

STYLECASTER | Sandal Trends 2022

Courtesy of Ecco.

Yucatan Sandal

Once you fully activate sport mode, you’ll never be the same. This white pair of sport sandals would look awesome with Balenciaga-inspired high fashion sport sunglasses.


The Strappy Sandal

If there’s one Y2K trend that I’m happy is sticking around it’s the strappy sandal (shocker, it’s not low-rise jeans). This style reminds me of the golden days of The Simple Life and Lizzie McGuire which is exactly the type of energy I’m trying to channel this summer. I love that strappy sandals fit every occasion because they can’t be defined as formal or casual. Get yourself a pair that you can wear to the office, happy hour and all of the weddings on your calendar.

STYLECASTER | Sandal Trends 2022

Courtesy of Steve Madden.

Lilah Sandal

This melon green pair of sandals would look even better with a matching toenail polish. This style comes in nine colors so you have some serious opportunity to mix and match.

STYLECASTER | Sandal Trends 2022

Courtesy of Dolce Vita.

Leanna Sandal

Straps and flats go hand in hand (or maybe foot in foot?). This slim sandal with a thong-style toe loop is super beachy.

The Platform Sandal

Sometimes you just need a little bit of a boost and platform sandals are here to do just that. Platform sandals are another Y2K trend that I’m not mad at because it’s just so fun! The heightened style will put a fashion twist on your summer outfit so all you have to worry about is not twisting your ankle.

STYLECASTER | Sandal Trends 2022

Courtesy of BP.

Lollie Jelly Platform Sandal

This pair of jelly sandals will make your Polly Pocket fashions dreams come true.

STYLECASTER | Sandal Trends 2022

Courtesy of Jeffrey Campbell.

Moody Platform Sandal

Jeffrey Campbell is my go-to for unique shoes that are also super comfortable. This pair of gingham green platform heels are very tall but the thick toe platform will make it almost feel like you’re wearing flats.

The Wedge Heel

If there’s going to be controversy around any sandal trend, it’ll be the wedge heel. Slowly but surely, wedges have been creeping back into fashion. While I wouldn’t dream of pairing wedges with skinny jeans again, I do think the woven wedge heel looks beautiful with a summer dress or breezy linen suit. This style is another great alternative to classic heels for events where there will be a lot of standing and dancing involved.

STYLECASTER | Sandal Trends 2022

Courtesy of BP.

Ginny Espadrille Ankle Strap Wedge Sandal

This pair of woven wedges would be great for a formal occasion—the ankle strap totally elevates the look.

STYLECASTER | Sandal Trends 2022

Courtesy of Vince Camuto.

Brissia Wedge Mule

A wedge-mule hybrid and a two-tone woven heel. This pair of wedges manages to be fun and neutral. I’m sold.

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