Samantha Ronson, The Brant Boys & More: Best Tweets Of The Week

Spencer Cain
Samantha Ronson, The Brant Boys & More: Best Tweets Of The Week
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I don’t even know where to begin right now. This week was an absolute nightmare. I think everyone around me is exhausted, fed up and ready for a nap on the beach. Of course, after a string of absolutely fabulous sunny days, this weekend in New York poised to absolute crap. (BTW, I’m listening to the rain fall outside of my bedroom window right now and sobbing into a pile of Kraft mac and cheese. Cue the tiny violins…)

Anyway, I hope you’re having better luck than I am and are actually do something fun tonight. I’m putting myself on house arrest so I can kick this mini-cold that I feel creeping up on me. Sorry. I’ll stop getting so intimate. You don’t give a crap about my personal life, and why should you? However, you should give a crap about what celebrities had to say this week!

Click through the gallery above for a look at my favorite celebrity tweets of the week, and please share if I forgot any!

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Samantha Ronson doin' what she does best.

Photo: Hoffman/McMullan/Sipa USA/SIPA USA

Samantha, it's always an option. 


The legendary society photographer can't get enough of a good benefit or two... You'd think he'd be over it after all these years! 

My queen, Eva Longoria. 

I live for the Brant boys. I don't care what you think. 

All I can say is I love Snow Patrol and I love Grey's Anatomy and I'm not ashamed. 

Me too, Mindy. 

Would have been the best vehicular incident of all time...

Oof. I feel for you. 

Me too...

What kind of lunatic who lives in SoCal has In-N-Out for the first time at 33? 

Azealia Banks is over the blogs. 

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