How To Get A Salon-Worthy Blowout Without A Trip To The Salon

Susie G

For our latest “Ask An Expert, Be An Expert” series, we’ve teamed up with haircare experts Sebastian Professional and their stylist design team to help find solutions for your biggest coif-related dilemmas. From fighting frizz to transitioning that daytime hairdo into a nighttime hair-MUST, Sebastian Professional has all the answers you need to create infinite possibilities with your own lovely locks.

Sebastian Professional stylist Anthony Cole recently walked us through one of the most asked questions on the beauty block: How can I get a salon-worthy blowout myself?

For a salon-worthy blowout, be sure to follow all of Anthony’s pro tips and tricks in the video above!

 Step 1: Apply volume boosting Sebastian Professional Volupt Shampoo and Conditioner to wet hair and rough dry.
Step 2: For stunning body and brilliant shine, spray hair with Sebastian Professional Trilliant thermal- protection and shimmer complex from roots to ends.
Step 3: Follow with Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray Gel for full-on volume and sensual softness.
Step 4: Separate the hair into three sections and use a medium sized round brush to blow dry the hair from the roots to the end, making sure to angle the blow-dryer in the direction of the cuticle.
Step 5: For heat protection and a smoothing shine, spray an ionic brush with Sebastian Professional Trilliant and comb through the dry hair.
Step 6: Let hair fall naturally.

Model: Kim Daunais, MUSE
Makeup Artist: Achelle Dunaway

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