Wait, What? Saint Laurent Just Released a $3,490 Forever 21 Knockoff

forever 21 dress Wait, What? Saint Laurent Just Released a $3,490 Forever 21 Knockoff

Photo: Forever 21 (left) and Net-a-Porter (right)

Is the world spinning the wrong way? Is the sky green? Did Kylie Jenner put some clothes on? Something weird’s got to be going on, because this is the first time we’ve ever seen a luxury designer rip off a high-street store. Yes folks, it seems Saint Laurent just released a $3,490 dress that’s exactly the same as a Forever 21 style.

Blogger Nicolette Mason alerted the fashion-following crowd to the bizarre similarity between Saint Laurent’s crepe dress and Forever 21’s lipstick print jersey mini on Twitter yesterday, pointing out that Hedi Slimane‘s $3,490 version is almost identical. We’re not used to calling copycat on designers ripping off fast fashion labels (that relationship usually works the opposite way), but the F21 style’s been around since 2013—years before Slimane’s current collection even hit the runway. So, yeah.


While a lipstick print is hardly an abstract concept, the similarities between these two styles are uncanny, and while Forever 21’s version is now sold out, it originally retailed for $23.

That means you could literally buy 151 pieces dresses for the price of one Saint Laurent look—and still have change left over for a latte.

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