This Sagittarius Season Will Have You Taking Big Risks and Shooting Your Shot

This Sagittarius Season Will Have You Taking Big Risks and Shooting Your Shot
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Ah, yes, Sagittarius season 2019 is now upon us, starting Nov. 22 and lasting until Dec. 21. Coming off of Scorpio’s hot ‘n’ heavy energy, go ahead and expect to feel less intense and brooding and, instead, expect to feel more optimistic—like a true Sagittarius. As part of the zodiac, Sagittarius is known for their optimistic, friendly and driven nature. And, to be honest here, we as a collective do not give Sagittarius enough credit. They’re a flexible fire sign that’s always ready for a new adventure or new friends. They could, quite frankly, even conquer the world, if they do so desire. I mean, just look at who’s a Sagittarius! Celebrity Sagittarians include (but are not limited to) Taylor Swift, Hailey Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and Chrissy Teigen. Clearly, it’s a fun sign, filled with big dreams and big joy. And as we close out 2019 (and subsequently, the end of a decade), we could definitely borrow a page or two from this energetic sign.

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A mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter (which oversees luck, opportunities and optimism), Sagittarius is ambitious, open-minded and a fearless, too. They’re known for their relentless drive and optimism—the kind of folks that rarely let things get them down. And as a mutable sign—which are known for being diplomatic and sometimes a bit chameleon-like—they tend to change their modes of expression frequently, usually in order to fit the situation best. 

Oh, and they’re pretty resilient, too. They’ve got an expansive view on life, and are usually pretty optimistic that good things will come to them and that they can weather the storms without getting knocked down—talk about optimism! And if they do happen to get knocked down, they’re likely to soon chalk it up to a big life lesson and an interesting story they’ll eventually tell their friends. Shitty experiences to Sags are fodder for growth—things to learn from and then be forgotten, taking with them only the lesson they learned and dumping the embarrassment and hurt behind them.

STYLECASTER I Sagittarius Season 2019

While it’s a lot easier said than done, this Sagittarius season, try not to dwell on the bad things that happen in your life, and try to extract out a nugget of wisdom, instead.

Like all beloved fire signs, Sagittarius is a bit restless and prone to change. As I think more about the Sagittarius nature, I keep coming back to the word hunger—a hunger for life, for knowledge, for experiences and others and joy. It’s a bit of a different hunger than the fun-loving desires of Aries or the attention-loving whims of Leos. Sagittarius hungers for things that are slightly more expansive and less easy to compartmentalize (this is likely due to them being a mutable sign). Try to use some of this ~ galaxy brain Sagittarius energy ~ to visualize what you truly desire, outside of the normal realm of things like “a pizza” or “a cute boy.” Those things are great (mainly the pizza, IMO), but what is it that your soul truly longs for? Contentment, adventure, a sense of home, a fresh start?

And then go for it! Make like a Sagittarius and go ahead and take that risk. (They’re driven as hell, remember?)

I’m not saying Sagittarius season is the perfect time to shoot your shot with your crush, but Sagittarius season might be the perfect time to shoot your shot with your crush. Or shoot your shot in a different sense! Apply for a new job, travel somewhere brand new, or even just push yourself out of your comfort zone in some realm. Don’t entirely throw caution to the wind, though, as Sagittarius can sometimes be dangerously careless, taking risks for the thrill of it and living within the delusion that things could never backfire. Don’t be an idiot about it, but we trust you, alright? So go shoot ya shot. 

STYLECASTER I Sagittarius Season 2019

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On Dec. 12, there will be a full moon in Gemini—so that’s fun. Gemini is one of the more chaotic signs and maybe the most likely to make an impulsive decision. Earth signs reading this, I know you’re panicking, but it’s okay! I promise! Because this actually pairs nicely with Sagittarius energy, as the two are sister signs. Plus, the Gemini moon may give you the kick in the pants you truly need to take that risk or make a big change in your life. 

The transition from Scorpio season (dramatic! Intense! Brooding!) to Sagittarius season (driven! Thrill-seeking! Optimistic!) feels like one of the more natural progressions in the zodiac to me. After a month of intensity, we can now shift those feelings into actions and start exploring the world in big and bold ways. Earth signs, so prone to planning and plotting, can stand to harness some of the decisive, go-getter energy that Sagittarius season brings. Water signs, the most likely to get lost in their feelings, can learn a lot from Sagittarius and use this time to work on not dwelling on upsetting moments, but learning a lesson and moving on, instead. And air signs, who can get lost in their thoughts and be a bit indecisive, will benefit from the risk-taking nature of Sagittarius season.

So, enjoy the boldness and rowdiness that Sagittarius season brings, my loves. Because you’re going to want to get it all out before diligent and down-to-earth Capricorn season begins.