Sagittarius, Your October Horoscope Is Full Of Love & Romance

Roya Backlund
Sagittarius, Your October Horoscope Is Full Of Love & Romance
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As this month begins, you’ll be embracing innovation and futuristic thinking. After all, as your Sagittarius 2021 horoscope begins with a beautiful opportunity to focus on a cause that matters to you. As a new moon blasts through your 11th house of community efforts, you may feel called to work with like-minded people and make the world a better place in some way. Don’t underestimate your ability to make a powerful difference!

By October 7, you’ll be really loving the energy that this month has to offer. This is when Venus will enter Sagittarius, blessing you with beauty, love, friendship and romance. When Venus moves through your zodiac sign, it has a way of making everyone drawn to you, as though you are a magnet for affection! However, you may be dealing with way too many demands from others by October 9. As Mercury and Mars join forces, a major commotion could take place, leading to instability within a group dynamic. Don’t be afraid to respectfully assert your boundaries!

By October 15, you may find it easier to soothe over conflicts and embrace positivity in your social life. As the sun forms a trine with Jupiter, you could even tap into your ability to forge a team, become a leader and inspire everyone to be their best selves! And once Mercury retrograde ends on October 18, you’ll begin to understand which types of people you vibe with and want to align yourself with most.

A full moon will take place on October 20 and will hold so much creative potential! Taking place in your fifth house of pleasure and artistic thinking, this full moon will encourage you to express yourself in a major way. Reconnect with your inner child and do what brings you joy!

By the time Scorpio season begins on October 23, you might slip into a more introspective and solitary state of mind. This is when the sun will slip into your 12th house of spirituality, encouraging you to reflect on the past and allow yourself to feel all the repressed emotions you’ve been holding inside you. You may feel especially emotional by October 26, when Venus squares off with Neptune, making you feel even more vulnerable than usual. Beware of energy vampires!

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