Sagittarius, Your March Horoscope Says To Embrace Domestic Bliss

Roya Backlund
Sagittarius, Your March Horoscope Says To Embrace Domestic Bliss
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This month, you’re nurturing your life from the ground up, because your Sagittarius March 2022 horoscope is all about your personal and domestic life. On March 2, the New Moon in Pisces will rush through your fourth house of home and family, increasing your desire to return to your roots and cultivate a sense of belonging that makes you feel safe and sound. Everything begins at home where your heart can unwind—so make it a place you want to be!

By March 5, a major revelation surrounding your life behind closed doors will begin to unfold. This is when the sun will join forces with Jupiter in Pisces, bringing you great abundance on the home front. You may even be welcoming new family members or joining a new family unit!

As the sun joins forces with Neptune in Pisces on March 13, it will help you to let go of any resentments that have been harming the circle of trust. Embrace selflessness with those who matter, because it always returns to you when you need it most.

On March 18, you may feel pulled away from your private den and into the public eye. This is when the Full Moon in Virgo will rise in your 10th house of reputation and career, urging you to make a statement regarding everything you’ve been working on. Chances are, you’ve been cooking up some brilliant plans! And once the sun enters your creative and fun-loving fifth house on March 20, you’ll be in a beautiful position to follow your artistic instincts and do something that brings you joy. Remember, Sag: Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured.

As the month comes to a close, you may be facing the reality of your family dynamic. As Venus forms a conjunction with Saturn on March 28, you might feel like something is holding you back from truly relaxing into feelings of safety and belonging. It may be time to remove something from the equation and build a stronger nest to return home to after a long day—after all, every bird needs to rest their wings eventually!

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