Sagittarius, Your March Horoscope Predicts Some Homesick Vibes

Roya Backlund
Sagittarius, Your March Horoscope Predicts Some Homesick Vibes
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You’re revving the engine in your relationships this month, Sagittarius! When Mars enters your seventh house of partnerships on March 3, the passion you feel for the people in your life will take center stage. While this evokes some major “power couple” vibes and encourages you to join forces with others in a meaningful way, this can also induce a few arguments if you’re not careful. Luckily, your Sagittarius March 2021 horoscope is just beginning!

When the new moon moves through your fourth house of home and family on March 13, it will evoke a new beginning in the most sacred aspect of your life. Dig deep and discover what constitutes “family” in your opinion and what makes a home feel like “home”. When Venus and Neptune lace fingers in your emotional fourth house, you might feel like being around the people who understand you most. If you’re far away from them, this may leave you feeling more homesick than ever! Luckily, you can reconnect virtually and will savor your time with them as soon as you can be together again in-person. And when Mercury joins these other planets in your comforting fourth house on March 15, your talent for making others feel safe and protected will reach new heights.

Aries season begins on March 20 and it’s one of the most exciting times of year for you! After all, this is when the sun activates your fifth house of fun and pleasure, encouraging you to let loose and do exactly what brings you joy and satisfaction. And when Venus enters your romantic fifth house on March 21, your love life will light up like shooting stars. You might find yourself crushing on someone new or renewing your feelings for someone you’re already with. Embrace it! And when Mars forms a trine with Saturn on March 21, you’ll have the courage to talk about what these romantic feelings mean for the long haul.

However, you might take things a little too personally by March 23. When Mercury squares off with Mars, insecurities might flare up, so give yourself some extra reassurance! And as the full moon blasts through your community-oriented 11th house on March 28, you might feel torn between tapping into your own self-expression and focusing on what’s good for the gander. Share the abundance and honor your own!

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