Lucky Sagittarius—Your Horoscope Says You’re In For An Unforgettable Summer

Roya Backlund
Lucky Sagittarius—Your Horoscope Says You’re In For An Unforgettable Summer
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According to the Sagittarius horoscope for June 2020, this month could be so pivotal to your growth as a human being. Seriously! By the time June is over, life could look very different, my Sag. This is all thanks to a powerful lunar eclipse (or blood moon) that takes place in your zodiac sign on June 5. In astrology, eclipses are often the harbinger of immense and unexpected changes, but it’s important to keep in mind that whatever happens was always meant to be. Eclipses tend to drag you kicking and screaming toward your ultimate destiny like that.

While this lunar eclipse will encourage you to make changes that bring you closer to your highest self, it will also affect your relationships. With romantic Venus retrograding through your seventh house of partnerships until June 25, the universe is calling upon you to let go of people who don’t serve you and become closer to those who do. As you choose your friends wisely, you’ll find yourself becoming a better friend and partner in the process.

Whenever something comes to an end, it’s a sign that something else is just beginning. This is made true when a solar eclipse on June 21 lays down the groundwork for a brand new start in your eighth house of intimacy and investment. It may be time to commit or go home, Sagittarius! This solar eclipse encourages you to look closely at how your emotional energy is being spent. If you’re wasting it on something that’s producing no results, it may be time to cut ties. However, it may also be time to commit to something (or someone) else; something with far more promise of long-term gratification!

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However, eclipses are rarely ever clear-cut, especially when Mercury retrograde is involved! This solar eclipse will be joined by this confusing and nostalgic transit, which begins on June 18. While eclipses tend to be permanent, things that take place under Mercury retrograde are often temporary. This certainly makes it difficult to decipher what’s here to stay and what’s ready to go. The cosmos’ advice? Take things once step at a time. If it’s meant to be, it will be. If not, then something else even more beautiful will come your way in time.

Regardless of retrograde, this summer is going to be wild, exciting and creative for you. In fact, it’s going to feel exactly how summer should feel. When action-packed Mars enters your fifth house of fun and pleasure on June 27, it will set you up for a summer you’ll never want to forget.

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