Sagittarius, Your July Horoscope Wants You To Follow Your Heart

Roya Backlund
Sagittarius, Your July Horoscope Wants You To Follow Your Heart
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You may feel like things just aren’t moving forward fast enough as your Sagittarius July 2021 horoscope begins. Sorry, Sag! When Mars forms an opposition with Saturn on July 1, you may feel as though your experiences are somewhat stalled, or like things aren’t unfolding in the ways in which they should. However, beauty can’t always be forced, so have faith that it will reveal itself naturally, in due time.

By July 9, you may discover an even deeper level of patience as the new moon dawns in your eighth house of transformation. This new moon is about having the courage to let go of what you’ve outgrown and start planting the seeds for something new that offers promise. Delayed gratification may not be as fun as the instant kind, but trust me, it’s always far more satisfying and rewarding!

You may start craving deeper and more profound interactions with others by July 12, when Mercury forms a trine with Jupiter—your ruling planet—and encourages you to communicate with your heart rather than your intellect. Having the courage to share secrets and talk about uncomfortable truths can strengthen your relationships beyond your wildest imagination, especially once the sun forms a trine with Neptune on July 15. This energy will also help you release negativity as you create a serene emotional center to your universe.

By the time Leo season begins on July 22, you may feel inspired to explore the great unknown and embrace new experiences. As the sun activates your ninth house of expansion and adventure, the cosmos will encourage you to see new things and learn new things. The world is so much bigger than you may have thought! In fact, as a full moon radiates throughout your third house of communication, you may feel inspired to engage in intellectual discussions as well as debates. Let the power of your voice reveal your immense level of knowledge and how you can improve upon it.

While July is a month centered on spiritual exploration, August is about getting those gears turning and getting to work. After all, on July 29, Mars will enter your ambitious 10th house of career, encouraging you to dominate your field and tap into your competitive edge. If you want something bad enough, you need to fight for it!

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