Sagittarius, Your July 2020 Horoscope Urges You To Address Any Unfinished Business

Roya Backlund
Sagittarius, Your July 2020 Horoscope Urges You To Address Any Unfinished Business
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Sagittarius, your July 2020 horoscope predicts you’ll spend the month learning what’s here to stay and what it’s time to let go of. This experience may be emotionally heavy, so go easy on yourself. With Mercury retrograding through your intense eighth house of death and rebirth until July 11, you may be drifting back into a situation you thought was over. However, as it turns out, there’s still plenty of unfinished business to attend to.

See this as an opportunity to finally get some closure from your past. Once you’re able to let go of what’s come and gone, you’ll open yourself up to deeper and far more meaningful intimacy. It may sound overwhelming, but trust that this month is preparing you for something even better down the line!

Even though July is a month filled with healing, it will also teach you how to reconnect with your joy. As Chiron—planet of therapy—retrogrades through your fifth house of fun and pleasure on July 12, you’re learning how to rediscover your inner child and overcome the fear preventing you from expressing yourself through creativity. It doesn’t matter if you’re perfect, and it matters even less what people think. The whole point of creating art is to make something beautiful out of nothing. Creativity is part of the human experience!

However, when the lunar eclipse in Capricorn blasts through your second house of possessions on July 5, it’s time to get practical. A revelation about your finances may be in order, and whether you’re congratulating yourself for finally getting that raise at work or kicking yourself for spending too much money on your last vacation, it will help you be wiser about spending going forward.

When a new moon in Cancer levels the playing field on July 22, pouring positivity in your eighth house of shared resources, you’ll finally feel ready to commit to something for the long haul. It may be time to pair up with someone you care about, sign up for business program, or even just open your heart to a deeper sense of intimacy.

All of this is preparing you for a wild and exciting Leo season! When the sun enters Leo on July 22, it will fire up your adventurous ninth house of expansion. Time to travel, engage in cultural exchange, and live life to the fullest. You’re in for quite the summer, Sag—don’t be afraid to make the most of it.

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