Sagittarius, Your January Horoscope is All About Getting Your Money’s Worth

Roya Backlund
Sagittarius, Your January Horoscope is All About Getting Your Money’s Worth
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You’re starting 2022 off with money on the mind, Sagittarius. However, your Sagittarius January 2022 horoscope is proof that managing your funds is quite a process. Regardless, you may feel ready to get the ball rolling on January 2, when a new moon encourages you to start setting goals that support your financial needs.

The month begins with Venus continuing to retrograde through your second house of luxury until January 29. This could make it that much harder to stick to your budget! Rethink the ways in which you indulge in retail therapy and use your credit card to solve problems—chances are, there’s likely a much better way to spend (or save) your coin.

It might feel tough to stay organized and remember important details by January 14. This is when Mercury will station retrograde in your third house of communication, which is filled with opportunities for misunderstandings. Write things down when you can’t risk forgetting them and make sure you’re communicating effectively! And when Mercury retrogrades back into your money sector on January 25, you’ll possibly notice some financial miscalculations. Pay extra attention to your statements, Sag.

You’re learning how to share with yourself, and by January 17, you may learn more about how to share with others, too. As a full moon rises in your eighth house of trust and mutual respect, you may realize you’re ready to open yourself up to someone in a more meaningful way. But remember to reinforce your boundaries—you’re not open 24/7.

It’s all a learning process, Sag! And once the sun enters your third house of information on January 19, things will start making more sense. Ask questions, look over old notes and start tinkering with the problem. Your mind is more powerful than you think!

When Mars enters your second house of disposable income on January 24, you may feel an increased sense of urgency to improve your financial standing. Consider the long game, not just the right now—money has a tendency to come and go without proper planning.

When Mercury joins forces with Pluto on January 28, the situation with your finances could reach a major turning point. As the month starts to wrap up, you may come to terms with how you can take control of your money. Remember—the value of your dollar is constantly evolving!

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