Sagittarius, Your Summer 2022 Horoscope Says You’re Dazzling The World With Your Wit

Valerie Mesa
Sagittarius, Your Summer 2022 Horoscope Says You’re Dazzling The World With Your Wit
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Sharing is caring, so let your Sagittarius summer 2022 horoscope inspire you to be even more generous with your heart! Feelings always begin to intensify upon the summer solstice, and when it takes place on June 21, the sun in Cancer will simultaneously energize your eighth house of ancestors, intimate unions, shared resources and joint collaborations. Although, with Venus’ entering seventh house of partnerships the following day, this could potentially bring you a burst of romance *and* seduction!

However, before the month comes to a close, a new moon in Cancer on June 28 will bring new beginnings to your eighth house of transformation, all the while challenging you to discern between your heart’s desires and practical priorities. On another note, courageous Mars will enter your prolific sixth house on July 5, which will supercharge everything from your daily rituals and work routine to your overall productivity. Mercury will join the sun in Cancer that same day, suggesting that some of you may be contemplating whether to ask a significant other for a helping hand, if not vice versa. For those of you switching up your work routine, the full moon in Capricorn on July 13 will rise in your second house of money, revealing how you can spend your hard-earned cash more wisely.

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Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Leo season, which begins on July 22, always feels like a long-awaited pick-me-up for you, marking the sun’s departure from one of the most powerful and intense houses in your birth chart. Although, with Venus still lingering in Cancer and stirring up your emotions, there will still be plenty of opportunities to forge heartfelt intimacy and soul connections. Perhaps your perspective on these relationships will shift in the process, especially if you’ve been consciously avoiding these types of spiritual exchanges. That wouldn’t be a surprise with wounded Chiron stationing retrograde on July 19, as you are simultaneously revisiting a painful memory from your past that you’re still learning how to heal from.

The new moon in fellow fire sign Leo on July 28 could be a shocking experience (even for you). Make sure you get all the facts before you jump to conclusions! More importantly, with Jupiter—your lucky planetary ruler—stationing retrograde on July 28, you’re being called to take another look at the bigger picture. August could start on a busy note, as Mercury will activate your career sector on August 3, urging you to put big plans into motion. Venus will also make a cinematic debut in Leo on August 11, bringing a wealth of beauty to your ninth house of wisdom. If you happen to be a writer, or perhaps work in the media industry, this transit could be the reason you end up dazzling your superiors and reaching an enthusiastic audience of readers. On August 27, a new moon in Virgo could lead you down a brand-new career path. Keep an open mind, because you don’t want to overlook all the incredible opportunities coming your way!

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