Sagittarius—Your September Horoscope Says You’re Feeling Nostalgic For The Good Old Days & Finding Closure

Roya Backlund
Sagittarius—Your September Horoscope Says You’re Feeling Nostalgic For The Good Old Days & Finding Closure
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Your social life is about to get so much more interesting this month and your Sagittarius horoscope for September 2022 proves it! In fact, it will likely bring you blessings in love too. After all, on September 2, Mercury will oppose Jupiter in your fifth house of fun and pleasure, which is highlighting your desire to have the time of your life. You deserve to feel that exhilarating joy that only comes when life is at its most beautiful!

However, let’s not forget this month is only just beginning, and by September 9, you may find that conflicts are beginning to arise amongst your network. Mercury will station retrograde in your 11th house of community, which could put you at odds with the people around you. It may even lead to some awkward encounters on social media, so beware of your urge to argue with trolls and your impulse to get too invested in those dating apps.

Once a full moon in Pisces brings your awareness to your fourth house of home and family on September 10, it will remind you to focus on what truly matters. If your house is a mess, you miss your relatives and you’re ready to strengthen your center, it’s time to take care of domestic matters and wrap a warm blanket around your life.

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By September 18, Mercury retrograde will get a whole lot more interesting as it once again opposes Jupiter in your fifth house of romance and self-expression. This could lead to you reconnecting with old friends (and perhaps even reconnecting with an old crush). If you’re stumbling into the past, enjoy your visit there, but remember—you may not be able to stay there long. Find a sense of closure from what’s been weighing on you. As Venus opposes Neptune in your fourth house of home and family, there’s a chance that problems at home may steal some of your focus from your career, especially if you’re finding yourself torn from where you’ve been and where you’re going.

However, once a new moon in Libra wipes the slate clean on September 25, it will give you a chance to re-establish your connection with your social circle and figure out where your relationships stand. This new moon will also take place in your 11th house of hopes and dreams, which makes it a powerful new moon to make a wish and start manifesting your ideal reality. The sky is the limit, Sag!

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