Sagittarius—Your February Horoscope Wants You to Be Honest About How You Feel This Month

Sagittarius—Your February Horoscope Wants You to Be Honest About How You Feel This Month
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This month is all about connecting with your loved ones, according to your Sagittarius horoscope for February 2023. You’re the light that keeps everyone warm, so don’t hesitate to shower the world with your tender, loving care.

Charming Venus will be moving through your fourth house of family, granting you a receptive and loyal nature that will make your home life and close relationships harmonious. With dreamy Neptune planting continuing to move through your fourth house, you are definitely ready to see the best in people! This energy reaches its peak right around Valentine’s Day, when Venus and Neptune close in on each other and grant you a greater capacity for love with no strings attached. You’re sensitive and intuitive, understanding your personal relationships to a T. Allow yourself to give wholeheartedly to your friends, family, and that special someone without asking for anything in return. You may be surprised how good it feels. 

On February 19, Pluto—planet of power and intensity—will smile on Venus, giving you permission to be fully honest with yourself about how you feel, because it’s the only way you’ll understand your relationships. Maybe that friend doesn’t have your back, but it’s just because they’re scared to trust. Maybe your sister isn’t mad at you, she’s just in a bad situation and doesn’t know how to ask for help. Maybe your partner is bad news and it’s time to cut them loose and head for greener pastures. Wherever the truth lies, it’s time to accept it and take charge in shaping your life. Pluto isn’t about fast action, but about transforming yourself from the inside out. By approaching yourself and those around you with love, you can see what’s really there and decide the best course of action. Be open and the world will open in return. 

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Jupiter, your ruling planet, will be shining on messenger Mercury as of February 17. You will find it easy to make new friends and impress people with your good communication skills and approachability. This is a great time to go on a trip and embrace adventure. Make a travel plan with that group of friends or sign up for a class. You’re ready to expand your social circle and make some memories! All in all, February is all about connecting for you, Sagittarius, so spend some quality time with the people you love!

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