Sagittarius, Your December Horoscope Predicts A New Chapter Of Life

Roya Backlund
Sagittarius, Your December Horoscope Predicts A New Chapter Of Life
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It’s Sag season, baby! Your Sagittarius December 2021 horoscope is here to guide you through what could be the most important month of the year for you. On December 4, a solar eclipse will take place in Sagittarius, focusing all of its transformative energy on you. A solar eclipse has the power to launch a new chapter of your life, pointing you in the direction of your ultimate destiny. Rise to the occasion and trust the process!

You may feel like things are really gaining momentum by December 13. This is when Mars will enter Sagittarius and turn things up a notch. You’ll feel way more competitive and eager to prove yourself than usual, which could catapult you towards success. However, you should keep in mind that life is not a competition, because there’s plenty of room for everyone at the top. Embrace failure when necessary, because it means you’re one step closer to success in the long run.

When a full moon sheds light on your interpersonal seventh house, it could evoke a major turning point in your relationships. You may gain some insight about where your relationship stands, helping you hash out conflicts and confess your true feelings.

The holidays are always hard on your bank account, but when Venus stations retrograde on December 19, times will be rife with financial complications. As Venus retrogrades through your money sector, you may oscillate between feeling insecure about your finances and overly-confident in your spending habits. Once Capricorn season begins on December 21, it will guide you toward a more grounded understanding of your money, helping you budget accordingly.

However, on December 25, Venus retrograde will form a conjunction with Pluto, and the reality of your relationship with money may feel like a pill that’s tough to swallow. This conjunction could tap into your desire to spend money on something you know you shouldn’t. It could also make you feel like withholding your money from others due to your fears of scarcity. Remember—money comes and goes! Obsessing over it never ends well.

Once Jupiter enters your fourth house of home and family on December 28, you may feel like laying low and spending time with those who matter. Over the course of 2022, this will help you nurture your personal life, so tend to your sacred space and embrace some domestic bliss!

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