HBD, Sagittarius! Your December Horoscope Shows Your Sag Szn Highlights

Roya Backlund
HBD, Sagittarius! Your December Horoscope Shows Your Sag Szn Highlights
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It’s time to party, Sagittarius. Why? Because it’s Sagittarius season, of course! Not only are the cosmos radiating energies that mesh with your personality, but you’re learning more about who you are and what your true purpose is. Your Sagittarius 2020 horoscope wants you to celebrate another trip around the sun, but it also encourages you to let go of who you’ve been, to make way for who you’re becoming!

In fact, you might be shocked by who you’re becoming, because the cosmos are quickly getting rid of what no longer serves you and leading you down a new, surprising path. A solar eclipse in your first house of the self takes place on December 14, leading you to all sorts of galvanizing moments. You may be at a fork in the road, wondering which path you should take. Don’t overthink it, Sag, because the cosmos are making the decisions for you!

Regardless of what happens, everyone’s got their eyes on you (and they’re loving what they see). Alluring Venus enters Sagittarius on December 15, sending all her blessings directly to you. Not only are you feeling more attractive, but your powers of persuasion are off the charts. If people are suddenly crowding your space or begging for a crumb of your attention, don’t be surprised.

Things will start to relax a little more by December 21, when the sun struts into your grounded second house of self-worth. Instead of putting yourself out there, this will be a time to trust what already exists within. There’s no need to prove your worth when you already know your worth. Use this time to build an impenetrable confidence and inner stability.

And you’ll need it, because on December 21, a majorly impactful astrological transit will take place. Both karmic Saturn and exaggerating Jupiter will form a conjunction in your third house of cognitive function and communication. This will lead to so many revelations about your mental state and thought processes, and whether or not they’re serving you. It’s time to sort through your thoughts and uncover a deeper ability to focus.

The month wraps up with a full moon in your eighth house of rebirth on December 29. Prepare for a transformative moment, but remember—in order to fully bloom, the flower must first sacrifice its comfort within the bud.

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