Sagittarius, Your August Horoscope Has You Chasing Success

Roya Backlund
Sagittarius, Your August Horoscope Has You Chasing Success
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Your Sagittarius August 2021 horoscope is here and it’s all about embracing your need for adventure! After all, the month begins with a trailblazing new moon on August 8 that urges you to feel the wind beneath your wings. Making a splash in your expansive and open-minded ninth house, this new moon is calling on you to quit obsessing over the details and simply give spontaneous opportunities a chance. You never know what could happen and there’s so many memories to be made.

However, you may feel overwhelmed by career concerns as of August 9. This is when Venus will form an opposition with Neptune, which could zap your motivation and your energy. Instead of feeling like a go-getter, you may feel more passive, which is an opportunity to take a breather instead of push yourself too hard. Once Venus enters your innovative 11th house on August 16, you may feel inspired by opportunities to organize with your community. Don’t underestimate the power of a group effort!

Luckily, you’ll feel a boost of ambition by August 18 when Mercury and Mars join forces in your 10th house of career. Identify what it is you would like to accomplish and let your passion guide you toward your own vision of success. Your competitive side may try to distract you from your true goal, so remember to stay focused!

Looking ahead, you’ll be learning so much and meeting so many exciting new people by August 19. As the sun opposes Jupiter, you may feel the drive to expand your wealth of knowledge and engage in stimulating discourse with people who can keep up with you. In fact, as the full moon sends lightning bolts to your third house of communication on August 22, you may receive some mind-blowing news or engage in a conversation that changes everything.

Once Virgo season begins on August 22, you’ll have a stronger and more stable sense of control over your career. As the sun activates your professional 10th house, you may start to feel more serious about taking a practical approach toward promoting yourself and obtaining the job of your dreams. Winning doesn’t happen overnight, so work hard in order to get there.

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