Sagittarius, Your August Horoscope Predicts The Summer Adventure You’ve Been Craving

Roya Backlund
Sagittarius, Your August Horoscope Predicts The Summer Adventure You’ve Been Craving
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Sagittarius, your August 2020 horoscope wants you to follow the beat of your own drum! It’s officially Leo season and the month begins with you seeing everything from a different perspective. The sun is in your ninth house of expansion and adventure, and you’re taking a step back and giving the big picture a good look. The world has so much to offer—why get hung up on just one small detail? With messenger Mercury entering your ninth house on August 4, you’re forging your own philosophy of life that works for you.

When the full moon in Aquarius takes place on August 3, you’ll turn your focus towards what you have to say and what you think. After all, this full moon blasts through your third house of communication. It may be time to finally have a conversation that you’ve been dreading. Identify the fear that’s preventing you from being totally honest and overcome it! Your voice deserves to be heard, Sagittarius, so don’t ever let anyone tell you it doesn’t matter what you think.

Your love life is flooding with passion and romance, especially when Venus—planet of love and romance—enters your intense eighth house of intimacy on August 7. You don’t want a passing fling, Sagittarius. You want to really get to know someone! You might even feel ready to be vulnerable about your feelings with someone and finally go deep. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Love is always worth the risk!

Prepare to embark on an exciting and unpredictable adventure when the new moon in Leo takes place on August 18. If you’ve been craving a wild, free-spirited summer, now’s your chance! It doesn’t matter where you’re going, Sag. Live in the present moment, because the journey is so much more exciting than the destination.

The memories you make during Leo season will prepare you for all the hard work to come during Virgo season, which begins on August 22. But don’t worry, you’ll enjoy every minute of it! After all, Virgo season is when the sun lights up your 10th house of career and reputation, making you work to become the business mogul you’ve always wanted to be. Dream big, Sagittarius!

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