Sagittarius, Your 2022 Horoscope Will Remind You How Talented You Are

Roya Backlund
Sagittarius, Your 2022 Horoscope Will Remind You How Talented You Are
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Last year was filled with tense conversations, Sagittarius. Don’t let it bring you down, because your Sagittarius 2022 horoscope will help you regain your composure. Throughout 2021, Jupiter and Saturn brought so much attention to your third house of communication and encouraged you to think about what you say and how you say it.

You’re coming away from the experience smarter and wiser, so keep going! Below, check out an in-depth look at what to expect this year in terms of love, career and your relationship with yourself.


You’re learning so much about your romantic desires this year, Sag. In fact, once Jupiter enters your fifth house of love and pleasure around early May, you’ll start feeling far more open to the idea of wearing your heart on your sleeve! Love is always worth the risk, so why not make 2022 the year you take a chance on it? If you do, sparks will most certainly fly.

However, 2022 will also challenge your understanding of how to solve conflicts and communicate your truth. Mercury will retrograde through your seventh house of partnerships in May, and by late October, so will Mars. This could give you the perfect opportunity to finally set the record straight with your lover. It’s also a chance to improve the how you react when anger arises!


This year, you’re learning so much about how to actually get your work done. As of late January, the North Node will enter your sixth house of productivity, helping you restructure your daily routine. Stop dilly-dallying and start putting in a more meaningful effort.

Once Uranus joins forces with the North Node on by late July, you might just discover a whole new method that improves your professional process. If you’re bored at work, it’s time to experiment with something that makes office life feel more energizing!


You have so much creative potential this year, so don’t neglect your hobbies and passions. Once Jupiter enters your colorful fifth house by early May, you may feel like expressing yourself more. Whether you’re an artist by trade or an artist at heart, 2022 is about celebrating your talents.

It’s also about nurturing your your mind, body and spirit. The North Node will spend the year moving through your sixth house of health, bringing your attention to your overall wellbeing. Never sacrifice your needs for rest and nourishment, because they’re directly connected to your overall happiness.

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