Sacha Baron Cohen Is A Jerk & More: Oscars Carpet Rundown

Spencer Cain

So, the Academy Awards red carpet has come to a close, and as usual, it was absolutely out of control. There were some killer couture gown moments, and some true fashion tragedies (I’ll leave it to the fashion experts to fill you in on that). There were also some quality interviews, some awkward nominees (Rooney Mara is the new Kristen Stewart, FYI), and some serious tension. All in all, I loved it. Take a look below at some of the most major moments of tonight’s pre-show.

  • Obviously, everyone is talking about Ryan Seacrest and Sacha Baron Cohen. I’ve had my issues with Ryan in the past, but I felt so pained for him when Sacha, dressed as “The Dictator,” covered him in white powder (or Kim Jongil‘s ashes). He was doing his best to hold it together, but past all of the concealer and the Burberry tux, I could see his inner-pain. Sacha, that was classless. Be a man, grab your hot wife Isla Fisher, and attend the Oscars like a normal human. You are not Kanye.
  • This might be just me, but I was incredibly disappointed to not see Jennifer Lopez‘s boy-toy Casper Smart accompanying her this evening. She looked like a goddess in Zuhair Murad, and my guess is she’s been doing this long enough to know that it would have been completely inappropriate to be accompanied by him. But how amazing would it have been? I guess I’ll have stay tuned for the after-party pictures…
  • Stacy Keibler has spent the entire awards season awkwardly giggling alongside her man, George Clooney, but tonight she did so looking radiant in Marchesa with a crapload of diamonds. She’s finally gotten the hang of it, and it’s been remarkable watching red carpet royalty develop. Congrats, Stac. Looks like you’ll be around for a little bit!
  • Sandra Bullock talking about “sexy time” with the stunning Louise Roe was straight up alarming. I’m impressed with Sandy’s balls though — I don’t know if I could handle going back to the big show after her humiliating situation a few years ago. Damn you, Jesse James. Damn you.
  • My favorite awards duo is always Michelle Williams and her Dawson’s Creek costar and BFF Busy Phillipps. The two did not disappoint tonight, and my guess is they are having more fun than anyone there.
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie continued to be aloof and didn’t do any interviews together, which will probably prompt some tabloid backlash. “ARE THEY SPLITTING UP?” “IS HER PREGNANCY PUSHING HIM AWAY?” Just some ideas…

Anyway, let’s all enjoy the show and Billy Crystal‘s awkward hosting job, but in the interim, tell me: what were your favorite moments?