Fashion’s Night Out with April77


One of our favorite stops last night (Fashion’s Night Out, obvi) had to have been Oak on Bond Street for the April77 Records bash. Guests got to decorate their own pair of April77 jeans with studs, shreds, and more, then buy the jeans for only $77. Seriously, a great deal.

The party got so filled, it spilled out onto the streets and into The Smile next door where they were handing out St. Germain cocktails and tickets to the taco truck outside. A very sincere thanks goes out to the guys of Taquero Mucho–without you, I would not have eaten dinner. Check out their site to see where the truck is headed next.

Peace, love, and tacos, guys. Oh, and jeans.

Check out the video above of images from the party, put together by Steven Rojas. “Beat My Guest” by Adam Ant is officially stuck in my head.