Fashion’s Night Out Expands To Six Nights, Jet-Setters Start Packing

Kerry Pieri

Anna Wintour and Sean “Diddy” Combs at the First Annual Fashion’s Night Out. Photo: RD / Dziekan / Retna Digital

Although Vogue is usually all about exclusivity, the magazine is all about the masses for the upcoming Second Annual Fashion’s Night Out.

On top of putting on NYC’s largest fashion show ever for the event, Vogue isn’t set on limiting fashion revelers for one night. Instead, now there’s six. September 7 will kick off the first evening of the global shopping extravaganza, ending on September 17 thereby making Fashion’s Night Out more like Fashion’s Week Out.

Perhaps this means that MK and Ashley can take their bartending show on the road this year, and pour cocktails for those outside of NYC as well. Either way, 16 cities will be participating in FNO (three more than the last), spearheaded by 15 Vogues the world over, not including the one run by the illustrious Anna.

The reason for the switch? Each country now gets to maximize traffic based on their own unique retail environments. Let’s say Parisians tend to stay in on Tuesdays? No prob, the event is to be held on Monday, September 7 in the City of Lights.

Just in case you’re looking to jet-set for the event, the complete rundown goes like this: France will kick off FNO on September 7, with Britain and Korea on the 8th, Australia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain on the 9th, India, Russia and the United States on the 10th, China, Japan and Taiwan on the 11th, with Greece and Turkey bringing the event to a close on September 16.

Apparently, saving fashion takes more than just one night.

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