Fashion’s Biggest “It” Girls of 2009 (Plus Their Top Looks That Inspire Our New Year’s Outfits)


Gaining “It” status is like gaining access to a secret unmarked club that everyone knows about yet can’t seem to enter, no matter how many $100 bills they slip the bouncer at the door. It doesn’t matter how attractive you are, or how much money you have in your bank account — although having a lot doesn’t hurt — you simply have to possess that special something.

These lovely ladies below are the lucky ones who have broken through to the other side. Whether it be their adorable personalities, their quirky senses of style, or just the elusive “It” factor itself, we may never know… Here, we dissect their “It” worthiness and showcase some of their cutest ensembles this past year, which are providing more than enough inspiration for our New Year’s outfits tonight.

1. Alexa Chung (above):

We’re not going to even put it lightly here. We are obsessed with Alexa Chung — and I mean, obsessed. The former model was most recently a TV personality on MTV’s It’s On With Alexa Chung, which was sadly cancelled after its first season. We can’t imagine why MTV would keep a show like Jersey Shore on the air over adorable Chung. With a quirky and covetable sense of style, however, we know that despite her future absence from our TV screens, she’ll still be popping up everywhere on the fashion scene. And did we mention, she’s British? Yep…swoon.

2. Jane Aldridge
Which came first–the “It” girl or her “It” blog? It’s hard to say when it comes to Aldridge, because really, they are one and the same. The Texas-native’s blog, Sea of Shoes skyrocketed to the second place spot on Bloglovin’s blog rankings, with over 5,000 followers — and that’s not including the scores of additional people who visit her page each month. Her extensive shoe and designer clothing collection has helped her transcend from mere fashion blogger to something of an obsession. Plus, her newfound status has put her in the pages of fashion magazines like Teen Vogue and allowed her to attend the 2009 Crillon Ball in Paris for which she wore Chanel Haute Couture.

Watch Jane star in our StyleCaster 2.0 video here!

3. Leighton Meester
Leighton Meester‘s alter ego, Blair Waldorf, on the guilty pleasure drama Gossip Girl, has always had some seriously covetable style. But as the show progresses from season to season, it seems that Meester is growing into her own sense of style as well. The actress still does a Waldorf-esque polished look nicely off-screen, but her true signature style is a bit more badass than that of the character she plays. Take this sexy cut-out LBD above, for example. We love it, Leighton.

4. Dree Hemingway
If you’ll be celebrating the New Year in a warmer climate, take a cue from Dree Hemingway‘s down-South-meets-downtown look above. Her rise to “It” status may have been helped by the fact that she’s the great-granddaughter to one very famous writer (yes, the one you learned about in high school), but her impeccable fashion sense and beautiful face may have had a little to do with it as well. Hemingway is currently signed with Elite Model Management and was one of the faces of Gucci’s ad campaign this past fall. Look out for the rising star in upcoming ads for Valentino’s S/S 2010 collection.

5. Daphne Guinness
She’s the girl who isn’t afraid to get noticed–can’t you tell? If metallic platform Mary Janes and streaked hair don’t scream “look at me,” then the positively alien-like Alexander McQueen shoes she wore from the designer’s S/S 2010 collection definitely had that covered. The self-proclaimed haute couture collector has a closet to die for, and she utilizes it well. Guinness is constantly on our radar, and we’re excited to see what she’ll be wearing to celebrate the end of the decade.

6. Emma Watson
Someone must be performing Hogwarts spells on Emma Watson, because sometime in the last year she’s completely transformed from a semi-awkward-but-innocent young girl to a stunning starlet with some serious fashion cred. Perhaps it was the Burberry effect; the Harry Potter actress was the face of the fashion label’s fall 2009 ad campaign, and she dons a sparkly yellow cocktail dress from the British line above. We think it’s the perfect look to get noticed amongst the New Year’s crowds.

7. Zoe Saldana
While Saldana has been acting for quite some time, 2009 saw leaps and bounds for her career. She starred in two of the year’s biggest hit movies, Avatar and Star Trek, and has a slew of films on the docket for 2010. But Saldana isn’t just any old actress who’s making her way to leading lady status–she’s building a fantastic fashion resume along the way. At the Star Trek premiere above, Saldana wore a short sparkly cocktail dress with long sleeves–the newest style to add to your closet pronto. Not only is it sexy and slimming–it’s warm too!

8. Leigh Lezark
We’re pretty sure that everyone wants to be a celebrity DJ — at least for one night. Lucky girl Leigh Lezark is living that dream full time. As one of three in the New York-based DJ trio, the MisShapes, Lezark spends her days sporting designer ensembles around the city, and her nights spinning the hottest new beats at the hottest fashion parties. If you’re confident with your figure, try a body conscious dress in this season’s all-purpose hue, grey, like Lezark’s above.

9. Georgia May Jagger
Georgia, Georgia, Georgia…okay, we just like saying her name. But there’s a lot of other things about the sexy model we like as well, starting with her Brigitte Bardot-esque good looks, and her famous family (dad is Mick Jagger and mom is Jerry Hall). She may not be a household name (yet), but among the fashion set, she’s envied and obsessed over. Her gorgeous ensemble above is the perfect inspiration for a more formal New Year’s gathering. If you’re going for sophistication, red lipstick a la Georgia May is the name of the game.

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10. Diane Kruger
We’re going to be honest here, and tell you a little secret. We’ve never actually seen one single movie that Diane Kruger has starred in, but we did see the Inglourious Basterds trailer–does that count? So why, you might ask, do we know so much about her? Because of her impeccable fashion choices, of course. This red dress with embellished shoulders was one of many fabulous pieces she stepped out wearing in 2009. A bright bold color that is still appropriate for winter would be perfect for our New Year’s fete. You’ve found the key to our hearts, Diane.