Ryan Seacrest’s Dating History Reveals This Isn’t Even His First Breakup With Shayna Taylor

Ryan Seacrest’s Dating History Reveals This Isn’t Even His First Breakup With Shayna Taylor

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Many are curious about Ryan Seacrest’s dating history after hearing about his recent split from model and wellness influencer, Shayna Taylor. Not only was their breakup surprising—the fact that America’s favorite TV host was in a longterm relationship was already news for some. If you’re in that boat, don’t blame yourself for being out of the loop; Seacrest is notoriously private about who he’s dating. That doesn’t mean we couldn’t find some names, though! Here’s what we know.

The 45-year-old American Idol host has been linked to several women throughout the years, but his relationship with 28-year-old Taylor was by far his longest yet. The pair have dated on-and-off for nearly eight years, having met for the first time in 2013. The TV host and trained chef’s first split came in December 2014, but they were back together again by late 2016. Their second run saw them together again for over three years—during which time they moved from Los Angeles to New York City together. But by 2019, the pair split and reunited for the third time. You can see where this is going.

Keep on reading for everything we know about Seacrest and Taylor’s latest breakup, along with all the other ladies the on-air personality has split from before (and between) dating his personal chef.

Shana Wall (2003-2005)

Ryan Seacrest & Shana Wall

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Amazing Race actress and model Shana Wall was linked to Seacrest for two years before their split. She even made an appearance with the TV host at the 57th annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

Years later, the pair were actually spotted out and about together in New York City during one of Seacrest’s breaks from Shayna Taylor in 2016. While it’s not clear if they have simply remained good friends or if there was something more going on there, whatever the case, it was shortlived—Seacrest was back with Taylor again later that year.

Teri Hatcher (2006)

According to the Desperate Housewives star, it only took one date (and one kiss) with Seacrest for this potential relationship to sink. Hatcher told Oprah all about the kiss months after it was photographed by paparazzi. Apparently, Seacrest called her up following their date to say, “I don’t think I can do this with you.”

“I haven’t seen him since that day,” she told Oprah, before joking about why Seacrest decided not to pursue her. “I don’t know. I ate too much lobster? You’d have to ask him.”

Sara Jean Underwood (2009)

The 2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year was rumored to have been dating Seacrest on and off for a couple years beginning in 2009. Though, Underwood has since told radio host Howard Stern that she and Seacrest never actually slept together.

Jasmine Waltz (2009)

The Celebrity Big Brother housemate dated Seacrest for a short time after meeting at a lounge in West Hollywood called Guy’s. The pair were reportedly spotted out together at restaurants and bars around town, although sources are not sure about when they finally called it quits.

Julianne Hough (2010-2013)

Before Shayna Taylor, Seacrest’s most serious—and definitely most public—relationship was with this Dancing With the Stars alum. Hough and Seacret were together for three years before splitting amicably in 2013.

A little over a year later, Hough opened up about her past relationship to Redbook. “There was nothing wrong or bad, but there was nothing right,” she told the outlet. “I had one foot out because I didn’t want to get hurt. And I didn’t say what was on my mind because I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers. I needed to be perfect.”

Renée Hall (March 2015)

Seacrest had a shortlived relationship with model Hall for a few months in 2015. At the time, the TV host was on one of his breaks from longtime girlfriend Shayna Taylor. When it came to Hall, a People source revealed at the time that they’d only “gone on a few dates.”

Hilary Cruz (June 2015)

After ending things quickly with Hall, Seacrest was back on the market and dating a former Miss Teen USA by summer. Hilary Cruz reportedly met the host at his 40th birthday party, and the pair kept things casual. “They’re having fun,” a source told People at the time. A little over a year later, however, Seacrest was already back with Taylor.

Shayna Taylor (2013-2020)

Seacrest’s split from Taylor after nearly eight years together came as a shock to many, especially since fans were finally hearing the host open up about his partner. “For the last six months, we both wake up an hour earlier than we used to so we have time together to work out, take a walk, take our time without having to rush,” Seacrest told People recently. “It’s been wonderful.”

But it looks like this latest split from Taylor could be the last. “Shayna wanted more out of the relationship. It felt like the natural next step for her,” a source told People. “She was ready to get married, but Ryan wasn’t there yet.”

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