Ryan Reynolds Met EXO & He Fangirled as Hard as We Would

Photo: Image: Shutterstock.

Attention, EXO-L. You have a very famous member in your fanbase. Ryan Reynolds met EXO, and he pretty much fangirled as hard as we would. (Who could blame him?) The Deadpool actor, 43, met the K-pop boy band at the premiere of his upcoming film, 6 Underground, in Seoul, South Korea, on Monday, Dec. 2. And judging from the photo, it took a lot for Ryan to remain calm in the presence of the most popular boy bands in the world.

At the event, the Canadian actor ran into six of EXO’s nine members: Suho, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, Kai and Sehun. As he joked in his caption, Ryan had to go through extreme lengths with the band’s security before he could sandwich himself between Suho and Chanyeol to take a selfie.

“I’m in the band. No, for serious. The security guard who tasered me was part of a carefully choreographed sequence me and the guys have been working on from our basement studio in my imagination. @weareone.exo 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷,” he captioned the shot.

The Marvel star continued to fangirl over EXO on his Instagram Story where he posted a selfie of him and Chanyeol with the caption. “This means I’m in the band.” Ryan also shared an edited photo from graphic designer Boss Logic, who photoshopped the actor with purple hair to make him look more like the members of EXO. “I already feel so much better,” Ryan wrote over the picture.

Of course, Ryan wasn’t the only red carpet attendee to fangirl that night. A couple members of EXO returned the favor by posting their own photos with the Proposal star. Chanyeol took to his Instagram to share a selfie of just him and Ryan, while Sehun also reposted the group shot to show his love for the band’s honorary 10th member.

While EXO is perfect as it is (we wouldn’t swap out a single member), we wouldn’t mind Ryan Reynolds becoming the band’s professional fanboy. Because, let’s face it, he’s all of us.