Hey, Girl: New Browser Extension Replaces Every Website Image with Ryan Gosling

Meghan Blalock

ryan gosling hey girl

If you use (or would be down for using) Google Chrome and love Ryan Gosling, then today is your lucky day. It’s the heartthrob’s 33rd birthday! As such, it’s a perfect time to give the aptly named Hey Girl a try—use it transform any image on the Internet into a photo (or, in some cases, a GIF!) of The Gosling.

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If it sounds confusing, it’s really not: you just install the “Hey Girl” button onto your Chrome browser bookmarks bar, and if you visit (let’s say) StyleCaster.com and then click the button, all the images on the webpage will be immediately transformed into various shots of Gosling. Not that we’re suggesting you do that… but the option now exists, which is really good for all of us to know.

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Click here to get started, and if you don’t believe us when we say how truly awesome this is, just look at the screenshot we took below. (Yes, we tried it out.) It’s completely worth your time.

ryan gosling hey girl 3