Ryan Gosling Doppelganger Makes Instructional Video

Spencer Cain

Everyone is in love with Joey Thompson, but no one knows him by that name. To us he’s the man who bears a slight resemblance to Ryan Gosling — and can do a killer impersonation of the actor/Good Samaritan/generally perfect individual.

A few weeks ago, you probably fell in love with Joey’s first foray into the addictive world of viral video, entitled “How to Look Like Ryan Gosling.” But now he’s back and more hilarious than before. This one is called “How to Live Like Ryan Gosling,” and it’s necessary that you take a look.

While some of us are similar to Ryan Gosling without even trying (myself not included), we could all use a bit of help. Watch below and let me know a few things you learned from the video that you tried today.