Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore Engaged???



Rumors are wildly circulating about Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore and their on again/really, those two?/off again/her?/possible publicity stunt relationship. Well, rumors do hurt (especially me) as the latest one to date is that Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore are engaged. After some curious postings went up on Ryan Adam’s band The Cardinals’ blog today reading, “I guess congratulations are in order!” it is believed that Ryan and Mandy are now engaged. (I’m crushed but I take solace in that Ryan Adams and I are married in our hearts…)

Meanwhile, Ryan Adams has been busy releasing a digital-only EP titled, “Extra Cheese” which is available on iTunes now for only $3.98 (a whole cent lower than Lily Allen’s full length album, “It’s Not Me, It’s You”). The most exciting track is, “Hey There, Mrs. Lovely” which Adams performs but has never previously released a recorded version of.

Le weep. Well, I suppose if I’m going to lose Ryan Adams to anyone, I’m happy it’s Mandy Moore as she is an adorable style icon. For example, here’s Mandy rocking a bangin’ yellow trench at last year’s Fashion Week. I’m not going down with out a fight though Ms. Moore-Maybe-Adams and two can play this game with this Calvin Klein asymmetrical trench! A refreshing change of pace from the usual beige trench, wear this coat open a la Ms. Moore and keep everything else low key so the coat shines alone.

Well, if it’s true, congratulations Ryan and Mandy! If it’s not true, hey Ryan what’re you up to tomorrow night?