How to Completely Get Over Your Ex—in 30 Days

how to get over your ex

Photo: WENN

Fact: Breakups are brutal, and anyone who’s gone through a particularly painful split knows there’s more to moving on than eating ice cream and watching “The Notebook” on loop. That’s where Rx Breakup comes in, a smart new app that promises to guide you through heartbreak in 30 days flat.

Described as a free service that can “help you get over a recent breakup or lingering obsession,” the 30-day guide offers professionally developed advice, delivered in a tone not unlike the one your bestie might use when helping you get over the idiot who didn’t know how good he had it.

Day one gives your first major task: break all contact with the ex. The app explains that the first 24 hours of radio silence is the hardest because you’re going through withdrawal.

“Here’s the deal: any form of contact (think: calls, texts, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter stalking, even pumping mutual friends for info) sets the clock back to day one, reopening the wound,” the guide explains.

Instead of texting him, it recommends you write down (in the app) what you want to say. Other recommendations include taking a little detox from all digital reminders of your ex, including hiding him from your newsfeed.

For the following 30 days, Rx continues with fresh, easy-to-follow tactics, and delivers tips you can only unlock after a certain amount of days, including anger management, mood elevator tips, and red flags. Oh, and every day you’ll receive a pep talk to get you through the afternoon, because let’s face it: you probably need it.

Right now the app is available for iPhone users, so you can simply hit download and start getting on with your life.