These RBG Halloween Costumes Pay Homage To Ginsburg’s Legacy (& Her Collars)

Maggie Griswold
These RBG Halloween Costumes Pay Homage To Ginsburg’s Legacy (& Her Collars)
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Though Ruth Bader Ginsburg costumes are a popular Halloween look each and every year, (We love a feminist costume!) they’ve now also become a way to pay homage the Supreme Court Justice’s legacy. Though I’d encourage everyone to honor RBG by using their right to vote and fighting to enact real change, you can also remind the world what a powerhouse she was by donning her iconic Supreme Court looks. Let’s make sure that no one ever forgets Justice Ginsburg’s impact on the justice system or her style.

If you haven’t yet watched the Oscar-nominated documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsburg (which you definitely should at some point), you might not know the history behind her Supreme Court ensembles. The former Justice would dress up her Supreme Court robes with decorative collars and the occasional statement necklace—including some she wore specifically when she knew she was going to dissent in court. Those, along with various styles of glasses through the years, turned RBG into not only a political icon, but a sartorial one as well.

If you’re looking for a simple costume to DIY this year, you can’t do much better than Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Thankfully, recreating her look for Halloween is surprisingly easy. You really only need three things: a black robe (like those worn in the Supreme Court), one of her now-famous collars and a pair of RBG-inspired glasses.

You might already have some of these pieces in your closet, but I rounded up some ways to get the look in case you don’t have everything you need for the perfect Ruth Bader Ginsburg costume. There are plenty of options when it comes to black robes (or clothing that can pass as a black robe), collars and glasses, so choose whichever you think brings out the RBG in yourself. Just don’t forget to vote like she’s watching come November!

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1. A Supreme Court Robe

While in court, Supreme Justices have to wear a black robe—so this is where your costume can start. If you happen to have a  black graduation gown tucked away somewhere, you can use that (or shop one, of course). Alternatively, you can wear a long black dress that gives the illusion of a robe. Either one works, so go for your favorite.

STYLECASTER | Ruth Bader Ginsburg Costumes

Courtesy of GraduationMall.

This multi-purpose black robe
is a great option if you want the classic Supreme Court look. Plus, if you have a graduation coming up or happen to be in a choir, it works for those, too.

STYLECASTER | Ruth Bader Ginsburg Costumes

Courtesy of STAUD.

You can also shop for a long black dress to get a similar look. After you use it as part of your RBG costume, you can wear it throughout the year with chunky jewelry and your favorite boots.


2. Her Iconic Collar

One of the most well-known parts of RBG’s Supreme Court look were the collars she wore whenever she dissented—and there’s actually a reason why she starting wearing them: “The standard robe is made for a man because it has a place for the shirt to show, and the tie,” Ginsburg once said in an interview with The Washington Post in 2009. “So Sandra Day O’Connor and I thought it would be appropriate if we included as part of our robe something typical of a woman.” Though we don’t all have multitudes of collars (also known as jabots) like RBG, there are plenty of collar necklaces that work just as well for a costume.

STYLECASTER | Ruth Bader Ginsburg Costumes

Courtesy of Jane Stone.

This gold collar necklace
is sure to pop against a black robe or dress—and looks a lot like several Ruth Bader Ginsburg actually wore while in court.

STYLECASTER | Ruth Bader Ginsburg Costumes

Courtesy of Pride or Prejudice.

For a subtler vibe, try this sparkly black collar actually inspired by RBG’s dissent looks. It ties in the back so you can make it as long or short as you’d like—and it’s studded with rhinestones!


3. A Pair Of RBG-Inspired Glasses

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been photographed wearing several different styles of glasses—so there are quite a few options when it comes to your RBG costume. You could go with a thinner black frame pair, similar to what Justice Ginsburg wore in her final few years, or an oversized clear pair, which was an iconic look from RBG’s earlier days.

STYLECASTER | Ruth Bader Ginsburg Costumes

Courtesy of The Book Club.

The Book Club has some of the cutest blue light glasses
, and you’re likely to wear this pair long after you don your Ruth Bader Ginsburg costume.

STYLECASTER | Ruth Bader Ginsburg Costumes

Courtesy of Quay.

Same goes with Quay Australia. In addition to gorgeous sunnies, you can snag blue light glasses—like this oversized clear pair—that will serve you well as RBG and while scrolling the web.

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