Russell Simmons, Philanthropist


Sure, it’s amusing to poke fun at celebrities saying, doing, and wearing stupid things, but every now and then we feel it’s necessary to remind our readership that we do love the subjects we write about. I might be speaking for myself on this one, but…(we) may or may not exist without them. You hear that Mischa Barton? I said it. You complete me.

As homage to the streak of niceness I am on (call it Fashion Week joy, I don’t know), we’d like to call attention to a little scene we spotted in the West Village yesterday.

Russell Simmons, co-founder of the Russell Simmons Foundation, dedicated to providing opportunity for underprivileged urban youths, was seen eating lunch at Da Silvano (find a new restaurant, seriously, Bar Pitti is right next door) with journalist Tina Brown, when a homeless man (clad in a lot of Adidas) approached the two to shake Simmons’ hand. In return, Simmons handed the man a twenty dollar bill….if we acknowledge you at Fashion Week, will we get crisp twenties too?

Wait a second, lunch with Tina Brown? We can’t imagine that you guys are exactly besties, so we’re going to assume she’s writing something. How so very convenient that your spur of the moment act of kindness was acknowledged by a woman writing a story on you.

So much for my streak of niceness.