Runway Moments Caught On-Screen: Our 8 Faves


Now that we can livestream fashion shows, it doesnt mean we still dont have a soft spot for the fictional ones seen in Hollywood. From the outlandish 80s to today, heres a list of some of the most notable, drama-filled and flashy-fun scenes seen on the small and big screens.

Dont Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead

Christina Applegate presents the teenage fashion wave of the future. Until mom comes home, that is. Check out the intense 90s wares and a sleazy, slicked back David Duchovny in the audience.

Sex And The City

Fashion roadkill! Carrie trips on the runway in Dolce & Gabbana, only to pick herself back up again and give Heidi Klum a high five.

Beverly Hills 90210

Drama alert at the mother-daughter fashion show! Kellys mom freaks out from behind the podium. Classic 90210.

Troop Beverly Hills

Because those dowdy uniforms will simply not do the girls from your favorite girl scout gang show off some chic, new updated styles.

The Women

Meg Ryan takes a turn on the designers chair for a successful, empowering show! Maybe it helped that the clothes were actually designed by Narciso Rodriguez.

Gossip Girl

On and off the screen, style-setter Serena takes a scene-stealing spin on the runway in this poofy green Eleanor Waldorf dress.

The OC

The beginning of an era! See a fashion show, straight from southern California with Cohen, Summer, Marissa and the rest of the gang on the first episode.

Melrose Place

Well one thing’s for sure animal prints have never looked so wild and so 90s. The perfect way to frame the dram-bomb thats about to happen on Melrose.